Hi! Call me Suki! This, is going to pretty much be a dump/spam of pictures that I've collected over YEARS of mostly Yu-Gi-OH. Most I've long forgotten where I obtained them, nor do I claim to own any unless i specifically say so. If you see something of yours, let me know so I can credit you, and feel honored that I thought your stuff was awesome enough to cherish. (i am very very picky)

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Yugioh was pretty well represented this year at AN. And this wasn’t even all of them. I saw at least three other Kaibas, a Pegasus, the Yami that I already posted, and an Isis. I really hope that Kaito fund that shark and that IV

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    The only convention I’ve been to was Otakon and I only saw two Jaden’s, two Kaiba’s, one Yami, and two Bakura’s.
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